The Świecie commune is located at the mouth of the Wda River to the Vistula in the northern part of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. It covers an area of 174.81 km2. The city of Świecie is an important transport junction of the commune. The commune is a well-developed place in terms of infrastructure and technology. In previous years, road development and development of investment areas were cared for, therefore the socio-cultural base was fully modernized.

One of the basic activities related to investment planning is choosing the right location and proper assessment of the economic potential. In this regard, the City Hall provides extensive support and assistance. The Świecie Commune offers support for entrepreneurs interested in implementing investments.


• assistance in completing administrative procedures providing information and data needed by the investor;
• organization of investor's site visits;
• organizacja wizyt inwestora w terenie;
• Part of the area is under the patronage of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, which means that the land is well prepared and advantageously located, and in accordance with the provisions of the agreement, if an investor is found in the indicated area, the procedure of including the land with the borders of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone will be launched;
• tax breaks

Investor service – Monika Budzowska tel. 52 33 32 330 , +48 695 621 560
Sale and lease of land, land use: Wiesław Ratkowski 52 333 23 40, +48 695 621 561